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Vinyl wallpaper: features and types

November 23,2022

There is nothing revolutionary about vinyl wallpaper. The technology is simple - a two-layer sheet of decorative and lower layers. The third layer can be a sealing one, which helps to hide the unevenness of the walls. The basis is interlining, paper or fabric. Beauty, originality and strength are given by a polyvinyl chloride film, or a vinyl layer.


The main advantages of vinyl wallpaper in the kitchen are:

1.Fade resistant - sharp edges, contours and vividness of the pattern last for years, even in sunny rooms.

2.Strength and durability - serve for about 10 years or more, the density of the coating protects against scratches and cracks.

3.Water and dirt-repellent properties - soot, dust and grease settle on them less actively than on conventional paper counterparts; resistant to wet cleaning.


4.Environmentally friendly - do not absorb or emit odors, made from safe raw materials.

5.Unpretentiousness in work and to irregularities - the wallpaper does not float from the glue, it is easy to separate the unevenly glued strip from the wall and put it in place without losing the quality of the canvas.

6.Decorative - bright patterns, relief, structure, the ability to repaint.