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Top 5 Reasons to Wallpaper Instead of Paint

February 13,2023

Top 5 Reasons for Wallpapering Rather Than Painting

There are various options available if you want to redecorate your house. Wallpaper can provide the same look as paints at a reduced cost. Paints are a common option.

Think about your spending limit, way of life, and personal tastes when choosing between paint and wallpaper. Let's examine these top 5 explanations for choosing wallpaper over painting in more detail.

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1. It’s More Durable

Wallpaper is a fantastic technique to transform a space's appearance. It comes in a variety of styles and is simple to install. It also enables you to design your own piece and give the interior decoration of your house a special touch.

Wallpaper, as opposed to paint, can last for many years. This relieves you of the hassle of having to repaint your walls every few years, which can ultimately save you time and money.

However, wallcovering is more expensive at first than paint. This is due to the fact that you must purchase the paper and installation supplies.

Even though this could seem like a drawback, it really isn't that significant when you consider how much money you will ultimately save. The cost of painting can add up, especially if you have to redo a wall three or four times throughout its lifetime (the average lifespan of wallpaper).

This is because with time, paint often peels and crumbles. To keep it appearing new, touch-ups will be necessary, and any minor flaws that appear may necessitate re-painting.

Wallpaper is more resilient than paint since it can withstand wear and tear and busy locations. It can also be readily scraped and cleaned when it gets dirty, making it more washable than paint.

The ideal option for your needs depends on whether you want to transform the appearance of your home using wallpaper or paint. I hope this information has assisted you in selecting the best course of action! You can select the greatest solution for your space with a little research and work.

2. It’s More Affordable

Painting or putting flower wallpaper for walls may give your area a new appearance and feel, whether you're moving into a new house or your current decor is outmoded and needs to be updated. Both have many advantages, but choosing which one is ideal for you might be difficult, particularly if you're unsure of what kind of material would best suit your preferences and style.

Paint has a huge selection of hues and tints, making it an often more popular option. When it comes to producing one-of-a-kind designs and patterns that you'll enjoy, it might also be a more affordable choice.

Painting, on the other hand, is not as strong or long-lasting as wallpaper. Every three to five years, a fresh coat is normally needed.

If you only have a few rooms in your house, this might not be an issue, but if you want all of them to match and you have several, it will probably be worthwhile to pay a professional to perform the work for you.

Painting is typically a more cost-effective alternative if you have a large home or if you want to cover several walls. Even if you are not a good DIYer, it is also simpler to do it yourself.

The ability to change your color scheme whenever you like without having to buy and apply new paint is another benefit of painting. As a result, it is an affordable choice for those who lead hectic lives or wish to stay current with fashion.

For your home's design to be cohesive and reflect your unique preferences and style while also enhancing your family's way of life, picking the proper wall material is crucial. There are several things to think about, such as your budget and how long you intend to stay in your home.

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3. It’s More Versatile

Changing the color of your walls can breathe fresh vitality and elegance into any area. Wallpaper is one of the best options to consider when remodeling your house or adding an accent wall.

Paint and sticker paper for wall are available in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns. Stripes, dots, chevrons, tiles, and murals can be rolled, sponged, splattered, or painted on them.

Paint, on the other hand, may be a better option if you want to design something more distinctive or individualized. It's more adaptable, and it may be a fun approach to create personalized designs.

Furthermore, paint may be repainted as needed, making it simple to modify the aesthetic of a place without worrying about peeling or fading. This can save you time and money in the long term, while also making your home look cleaner and more appealing.

When selecting paint, keep your budget in mind as well as the amount of surface area to be covered in mind. You must also pick whether you want an all-over color or a more subtle impact.

Finally, if you plan to sell your property in the future, painting is less likely to depreciate its value than wallpaper. Paint is less difficult to modify than wallpaper, and it is more appealing to potential buyers.

Depending on the style, paint can make your space feel larger than wallpaper. It's also more adaptable, making it an excellent choice for locations with moisture difficulties or that require a more durable surface.

4. It’s More Time-Saving

Whether you want to add an accent wall or entirely transform the design of your house, updating your walls may be a terrific way to breathe new life into your space. However, it is critical to select the correct material for your project in order to get the most out of your new design.

While both paint and wallpaper can be utilized to add visual interest to your area, it's crucial to note that wallpaper is far more time-saving than paint. In fact, research show that wallpaper can last up to five times longer than paint.

It's also less expensive than paint, which can save you money in the long term. Furthermore, wallpaper may be reinstalled as needed, allowing you to change the color of your room without having to repaint it.

You may also save time by preparing your walls for wallpaper ahead of time. It's critical to clean your walls and use a suitable primer before applying wallpaper.

Furthermore, you should take care to ensure that the seams of the wallpaper are tightly adhered to the wall. If they aren't, primer and paint can seep into them, making the borders of your paper look uneven.

Finally, areas prone to excess moisture, such as bathrooms, must be avoided. While wallpaper can be used in this type of space, it is critical to choose a glossy paint that will help protect the walls from excessive dampness and moisture.

Wallpaper is also less harmful to the environment than painting because it is made of paper rather than paint. It's also easier to clean, so you won't have to worry about stains or grime accumulating over time.

5. It’s More Personal

Wallpaper is an appealing way to show your particular style while also creating a comfortable and practical home. There are a variety of patterns and styles available to fit your needs, whether you want to use it in a bedroom, kitchen, or living area. Wallpaper, from rustic brick walls to beautiful murals, is a versatile and cost-effective method to add color and character to your area without painting the entire room.

Before painting your wallpaper, use a primer that will help you get the desired finish. There are numerous solutions accessible, so do your homework to discover the ideal one for your project. Using the incorrect primer might result in poor coverage, decreased paint longevity, and even damage to your wallpaper. Oil-based and shellac-based primers are the most commonly utilized for these projects, but water-based primers can also be used if they have been certified for this purpose. Browse our assortment at Cover Your Wall to get the best primer for your needs!