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The characteristics of non-woven wallpaper

August 19,2022


Non-woven wallpaperis the best in the 3 major categories of wallpaper breathability, environmental protection is also quite good, the material itself is not much pollution.
This type of wallpaper is the fastest drying glue when it is applied, so that the wall will not get wet. Another advantage is the ease of construction, which may not be obvious as a homeowner.
After all, the construction workers are doing, but we still want to mention that this type of wallpaper due to the characteristics of the material, construction workers as long as the scraper can be scraped once, while the other 2 materials of wallpaper may have to scrape 2-3 times.
Summarize the advantages of non-woven wallpaper: zero formaldehyde, good ductility, shrinkage is small.
The only disadvantage that can be counted is the "high price" of a volume of the price: imported between 700-900 yuan, domestic between 400-600.For example ,china factory import custom non woven wallpaper.
★Unique porous structure, breathable through the body
★Formaldehyde free.
★Waterproof and moisture-proof.
★Regulates air humidity.


Non-woven detail picture    
★Sound insulation and noise reduction.
★The hand feels friendly and natural.
★Aromatic scent.
★Fiber filament non-woven weave has stronger tensile strength.
★The through-body nonwoven paper produces only carbon dioxide and water when it burns completely.

Main differences


Non-woven wallpaper is made from natural plant fibers, while pure paper wallpaper is made from high-quality natural wood pulp. So in fact their materials are completely different, but because plant fibers and natural wood pulp are environmentally friendly natural items, so they have some of the same characteristics, consumers are also very easy to confuse.


In fact, non-woven wallpaper and pure paper wallpaper in terms of price also have a certain gap. Because non-woven wallpaper plant extracted fibers are more difficult, so the price of non-woven wallpaper is relatively high, while pure paper wallpaper, is cheaper.


In terms of feel, they are actually quite different. Although it does not look like there will be any difference in their texture, the feel of plain paper wallpaper will actually be softer because it is made of wood pulp.
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