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Renter-friendly decorating ideas Including Wallcoverings

November 17,2022

When you’re renting, it can be a tough balance between making your rental property feel like home and keeping your landlord happy. Plus, it doesn’t always make sense to spend lots of money on doing big DIY jobs on a property that isn’t yours as you might decide to move on, then you either lose what you’ve done or – worse still – you have to revert it back to the way it was.

If you’re in need of some renter-friendly decorating ideas then we’ve got you covered with our home decor ideas for rentals.

Try wall coverings

Instead of painting or wallpapering your rental home, try covering plain walls with a tapestry or removable wallpaper. Check with your landlord to make sure you can hang stuff if you need to add nails into the walls. Both options are usually pretty low-damage to the property, and any slight damage can easily be repaired.


Wall coverings are a great way to inject some colour and interest into your living space without making any long-term changes. Plus you can take them with you when you leave.

Add some greenery

House plants are a great way to bring your rental space to life. Bring the outdoors indoors with as many plants as you like. You can add colour and interest to every room easily and with minimal cost. Just remember to keep them watered and cared for so that they stay looking great. If that’s a little more maintenance than you were looking for, then there are some great faux plants out there that look just like the real thing.

You can mix it up with different types of plants and flowers or all shapes and sizes depending on your space. Don’t forget to think about how the pots and vases you use work with your space too.

Rugs, cushions and throws

The right rugs, cushions and soft furnishings can turn any home from plain to pretty. Just add as many as you want, in whatever style fits with your preference and personality for a super cute touch for your home that’s totally temporary and will keep your landlord happy.

As well as rugs and cushions, extra touches like beanbags and throws can make your home feel super cosy and offer extra places to relax throughout the day. Throws in particular can help protect furniture from damage, which is a must if you’re renting a places that’s already furnished.

Try a window film

If you want to improve privacy at home without blocking the light or taking up extra space in your home, then you need a window film. They’re easy to fit, can be cut to any size (so if you have weird windows or an awkward bay, then a window film is definitely for you) and you can get them in any design.


You can even design your own custom window film to fit perfectly with your home decor style and personal taste. They’re usually cheaper than other alternatives like custom blinds and curtains too.

Get your lighting right

Lights, lamps and lampshades are great for improving the look and feel of your home. Find a balance between bright, harsh lighting and low, dim lighting around the house to make your house or flat feel more homely. You can really get expressive with lighting, and there’s usually different styles to fit any space.

Using lamps and lighting to accentuate the areas in your home that you want to focus on, and brightening up any areas where there isn’t quite enough natural light can really make a difference to your living space.

Accessories and art

If your rental property feels like it’s a bit of a blank canvas, then why not jazz it up with home non-permanent home accessories like photo frames, art, ornaments or meaningful pieces from your life. There’s tons of inspiration for home decor and DIY projects on Pinterest if you’re struggling for ideas.

You can truly add a personal touch to your rental property and make it feel far more like a home just by accessorising and updating. Plus, when the time comes to move on you can take these special pieces with you.