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Removable Wallpapers To Beautify Your Space That Double As Cute Zoom Backgrounds

November 15,2022

When you’re sitting around the house, it’s only natural to get the itch to redecorate every single room. You can move furniture around all day, but sometimes the best changes seem to be ones that are permanent—like painting the walls. Peel and stick wallpapers, however, give you the ability to completely change up a room without doing anything you might want to get rid of later. Removable wallpaper is the temporary decor that you can change from season to season—or if you’re someone whose decorating tastes change like the wind. Even the most fickle and impulsive of decorators can use peel and stick wallpaper and remove it whenever they choose. Commitment issues? Doesn’t matter with removable wallpaper, baby.


If you’re anything like me, staring at decor too long will make you desperate to change it up.

Especially if you have extra time to look at home decor trends on Pinterest and Instagram, you might be even more inclined to throw out everything you own and start fresh. Before you start chucking furniture out the window and ordering paint swatches, though, you might first want to test out a removable wallpaper. You can go bold or you can keep it simple—Either way, you can remove the wallpaper when it no longer suits you or your decor style. Plus, if you live in a rented home, this is a great way to add personality without having to re-paint or pay fees when you move out.


Whether you pick a statement wallpaper to put on a single wall in your home or something fun and bright to re-do your entire kitchen, ultimately the choice is yours. Find a patter or design that fits your style and run with it. Removable wallpaper is a risk-free investment, since it won’t damage or permanently change your home.