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How to Design the Highlight Wall for your Bedroom with Wallpaper

November 11,2022

Murals, geometric patterns, textured wall paint or striking art—how to get that accent wall interior design in your bedroom to work for you and your space with Wallpaper.


Feature wall, statement wall, accent wall—it goes by different names but what everyone can unanimously agree on is that the highlight wall it’s a canny device to embellish your space when it comes to modern bedroom designs. It has the power to instantly transform the vibe and personality of any room, including the bedroom, adds a vibrant element to room décor and you don’t even need to break the bank to achieve something fun and distinctive to your bedroom.



If you are the creative kind, then consider creating a mural as your highlight wall. They look great, are fantastic talking points and command instant attention. And the choice of patterns and shapes is wide—from floral, geometric, botanical and abstract prints to artistic visuals. If you are going for a mural, try to imagine a visual that means something to you. And when you get an idea, commission artists to bring it to life—or do it yourself if you’re sure of your skills!

Hence, choose the one from the bedroom décor ideas that brings a sense of joy, peace and comfort. So get started and brainstorm!

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