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Construction method and operation method of non-woven wallpaper posting

September 02,2022

Construction method

Non-woven wallpaper posting method is similar to wallpaper and requires the use of wallpaper adhesive. Wallpaper adhesive, base film, scraping paper, wallpaper knife and other related accessories in the local building materials market easy to buy. General wallpaper workers will be posted, the cost of labor is not expensive, depending on the local market varies, generally 5 to 15 yuan per square meter, if you have strong hands, paste the wallpaper can also try to experience the fun of DIY,for example,wall decor non-woven wallpaper.

Requirements for walls
★The wall surface is flat,smooth,clean and dry;moisture-proof treatment is recommended for future replacement and to avoid contaminating the wall.
★Choose mastic + wall powder (available in local building materials market), please refer to the instructions for the specific adjustment method.
Non-woven wallpaper  does not need wet water, just brush the wall adhesive evenly on the wall and then put it on the wall.

Identification method


185g/m2 through-body non-woven wallpaper
The distinction between natural fiber nonwovens and synthetic fiber nonwovens on the market: Nonwovens refer to materials with properties between cloth and paper made from fiber filaments by nonwoven molding technology. To confirm that a nonwoven is completely harmless to humans, there are two key factors to consider - the fiber used to make the nonwoven and the technology used for nonwoven forming. Not all nonwovens are made from natural fibers, but mostly from polypropylene filaments. Although nonwoven molding makes polypropylene products more easily degradable, there is still no fundamental change in their chemical properties, and the chemical additives used in the manufacture of these materials can still be harmful to humans. The most ideal fiber for making nonwoven fabrics is the fiber from natural plants, so this is the first thing to pay attention to when buying wallpaper products - whether it is a natural fiber nonwoven or a synthetic fiber nonwoven. The other link that may cause the environmental properties of non-woven fabrics to be reduced is the non-woven forming process of the material, there are mainly two kinds of hot bonding and wet forming, the former has to be processed at high temperatures and add some binders, if it is a synthetic fiber non-woven hot bonding, the harmful ingredients contained in some more. Wet forming is a physical method of arranging the fibers. If the nonwoven fabric is made of natural fibers using wet forming technology, it is 100 percent environmentally friendly.
Although non-woven material may sound environmentally friendly, not every non-woven product is actually very environmentally friendly. The most common non-woven products around us are ring shopping bags.
As this concept is recognized by consumers, more and more businesses are using non-woven fabrics as a product gimmick to promote. Consumers in the purchase of products must pay attention to the above-mentioned issues, to identify whether it is environmentally friendly non-woven fabric can mainly be used to burn the method, environmentally friendly non-woven fabric easy to burn, flame bright, there is a small amount of black smoke for the natural fiber within the carbon element of fine particles; man-made fiber non-woven fabric in the burning flame color is lighter, in the burning process there will be a continuous gray smoke, with a pungent smell.

Operation method

1.grass-roots treatment: grass-roots treatment is the key to directly affect the wall decoration effect, should be carefully done to deal with the work. The general requirements for various wall surfaces are: flat, clean, dry, uniform color, there should be no gaps, unevenness and other defects.

(1)For the old wall surface, first of all, the original plaster layer of the wall with mortar to repair the drums, peeling, holes, etc., to remove the floating loose paint or paste surface and wall sand, raised, etc., and the joints, cracks, nooks, etc., in 1 to 2 times with glue oil putty to repair and fill, and then full scraping putty once, with sandpaper grinding flat.
(2)The wood base requires tightly spaced seams and no exposed pins. Joints, pinhole application putty pavement, and full brush glue oil putty once, and then use sandpaper to smooth
2.brush grass-roots treatment materials: grass-roots treatment and to be dried, the surface of the full Xu grass-roots treatment materials once, requiring thin and uniform, to reduce the paper surface caused by uneven gluing phenomenon.


Non-woven wallpaper
3. wall scribing vertical line: strain paste wallpaper, paper width must be vertical, in order to make patterns, patterns, vertical and horizontal coherence.
(1). construction, after the grass-roots paint coating dry, draw vertical lines for the standard.
(2). Take the line position from the shaded corner of the wall, to less than the wallpaper 1 ~ 2cm is appropriate.
(3). When laminating, you should always calibrate and adjust to ensure that the paper is vertical.

Selection points

1.we want to know the practical and aesthetic roots of non-woven wallpaper, we need to know its material. The non-woven wallpaper, the use of pure natural plant fibers made from, so its most basic feature is natural and environmental protection. Consumers are very sensitive to natural, environmentally friendly products, and non-woven wallpaper also happens to have these two points directly affect the health of the consumer's body and mind important aspects, so this is why the non-woven wallpaper price is high still many people buy the most important reason.
2.As non-woven wallpaper is processed from plant fibers, so it is very good breathability, it is called "breathing wallpaper". Natural plant fibers will have many small pores inside the breathable, and pure plant fibers in the pores emitted breath, is the most natural and fresh, so this is the reason why consumers feel that the installation of non-woven wallpaper after the living room life becomes more fresh, more bright. For other kinds of wallpaper, many do not have such characteristics as breathability.For example, ourbedroom custom non woven wallpapelwhich is suitable for living room life.If you need, please contact the non woven wallpapel manufacturer.