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Kitchen Aluminum Foil Wallpaper Oil-Proof Waterproof Silver

● Type:Kitchen Aluminum Foil Wallpaper

● Material:‎Aluminum

● Color:Sliver

● Dimensions :Can be customsized

● Comes with a thick metallic look texture design, it looks great to touch

● Waterproof, no fading, no curling, wipe clean


No More Ugly Stains In The Kitchen! This Anti-Oil Aluminum Foil Kitchen Sticker protects your kitchen countertop and walls from stubborn oil stains. Anti-oil, anti-dust & waterproof! You can also save your drawers, cabints, and shelves from dust & dirt. No more worry about not fitting to your kitchen- Just measure the exact size of the surface you need to cover, freely cut the sticker and stick it!

The design of this decorative contact paper has a glossy appearance of aluminum foil texture. This peel and stick wallpaper has excellent water and oil resistance. Grid lines on the back make cutting especially easy. Self-adhesive, no glue, tear back wallpaper and stick it directly without confusion.









Hamyee Wallpaper




‎Custom Made Mural





Is Stain Resistant




Lead time

1:Goods in stock:can be shipped immediately.

2:Custom order depends on  order.

Consult the team for details

Installation Method

No adhesives/applies easily

Special Features

Waterproof, no fading, no curling, wipe clean

How to Apply


1.Using a tape measure, measure the height of the wall. Note it down and add 100mm.

2.Transfer this measurement to the back of the wallpaper and using a pencil draw a line across its width. Use the paperweight to stop it rolling back up.

3.Make the cut and set this first piece aside.

4.Unroll more paper and place the first sheet next to it to match the pattern. Mark out the length and make the cut. It is worth numbering the length and writing which end is the top.

5.Mix the wallpaper adhesive and apply to the back of the first sheet.

6.Hang the first length of wallpaper in the centre of the wall so that the pattern is symmetrical.

7.To ensure the paper is hung straight, line up the edge of the paper with a plumb line.

8.Once in place trim off any excess.

9.Apply adhesive to the remaining sheets and hang by matching the patterns.


There are many types of wallpaper and to determine which is the best we first have to understand the difference between them.

● Lining Paper – a functional, non-decorative paper that is applied to walls or ceilings before painting or papering.

● Woodchip – An affordable wallpaper, covered in small chips of wood, usually painted over to inexpensively update a room.

● Pulps – The least expensive patterned wallpaper made from basic paper.

● Washable – A pulp paper covered with a thin transparent plastic layer.

● Vinyl-coated – A thin skin of vinyl plastic with a paper backing makes this type tough and washable.

● Vinyl – The next step up from vinyl-coated. It is also washable but even tougher.

● Embossed and Anaglypta – A coloured paper with a raised pattern. Anaglypta is a trade name for plain embossed patterned paper. This type can be painted over.

● Flocks – Made using fibres to give the effect velvet.

● Hand-printed – A bespoke paper which has a pattern printed by hand.

Lining paper is a good idea if you want to achieve a smooth finish before painting and likewise woodchip and Anaglypta can be used in the same way. Considering the amount of moisture and risk of spills in a kitchen it is probably best to avoid pulp, flock and hand-printed wallpapers – however, these can be hung in the dining section of a kitchen diner. For kitchens, we recommend using a paper that is resistant to moisture damage and can be easily cleaned and with this in mind, vinyl or vinyl coated is your best option.


● Kitchen wallpaper is a great way to upgrade your interior without necessarily doing a full kitchen makeover. The times when the wallpaper was only used in living rooms or bedrooms are long gone, and we are seeing wallpaper used in modern-day kitchens more and more often. Kitchen peel and stick wallpaper can be applied in many areas – walls, cabinets, shelves, and even as a kitchen backsplash. The high-quality material, as well as its water-resistant features, ensure our peel and stick wallpaper is safe to use in places that are exposed to water from time to time.

● Excellent designs and European high-end machines.

We strongly believe in our all products and company are the trusted and great supporting behind your market back

● Direct Manufacturer Pricing.

Hamyee as wallpaper manufacturer directly brings the best possible price to our customers. With no middle-man costs, this means we return most of the price benefit to the end-customer directly.


①Low MOQ
②Multiple choice, more than 3000 patterns for your choice
③OEM&ODM service, label/packing/heard-card/releasepaper etc
④Additional serivce, Catalogue Brochure/E-catalogue
⑤Creative design team, Updating exclusive, designs per month

Hunan Hamyee Home Decor Co., Ltd has an experienced team in designing, stock management, product sourcing and quality control. We are familiar with various standards and requirements; capable of coming out a right solution and finding suitable products for your projects in terms of specifications, quality, budget, lead time and global delivery.

Our mural designs are made to order and completely customisable, allowing you to customise mural to the specific dimensions of your business,  including specifications and sizes, and provide customers with personalized product testing, logistics services, etc.

Let us send you a quote upon request.


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