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What is Damask Wallpaper?

Time : 2022-12-12 Hits : 15

Wallpaper for walls with patterns that were very popular before has become a fashion trend this season. Especially stands out, one of the most popular styles – Damascus or Damask, which is the rhythmic pattern with smooth lines and floral elements, as well as various curves in the figure. Damask Wallpaper shows elegance, luxury and at the same time unusual and colorful vintage and modern ideas, styles. For everyone, it will be a great pleasure to choose the right shade and type of drawing, subsequently influencing the harmony of perception of comfort in the house.


Wallpapers in Damascus style or well known Damask Wallpapers will make everyone wants to transform their interior and will give it elegant and original look. At the same time, such patterns will be a great addition to any room of the house:

· in the bedroom will help to set up for a relaxing atmosphere;

· in the Central room will demonstrate a rich taste and chic style;

· on the kitchen will support the nobility and equanimity;

· in the office will emphasize the personality and seriousness.



It is also possible to use wallpapers in Damascus style in other rooms, the main thing is to choose the right colors, so it will not "overload" the room and will be well combined with different elements that are in the room. The most popular colors used for Damask Wallpaper are:

1. Brown;

2. Golden;

3. Black;

4. Blue;

5. Silver


Basic rules when choosing Wallpaper with Damask Pattern

There is no need to call a professional designer or stylist to choose the right wallpaper with the Damask Pattern. It is enough just to remember a few simple rules in order to easily choose the right option:

1. Large patterns on the wallpaper are more suitable for large rooms.

2. It is necessary to observe the rhythm of the pattern, preferring free space between the elements of patterns.

3. The style of the room in the first place should determine the choice of color and pattern. For rooms in hi-tech style going to be more suitable contrasting patterns with minimalist fragments. Vintage interiors are better to be decorated with luxurious gold, warm and light shades.

4. Bright or black wallpaper should fit into the overall picture of the room with the required level of illumination.


Properly selected wallpapers in the Damascus style will positively affect the emotional state and contribute to peace and pleasure.

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