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Wallpaper for Your Home Office

Time : 2022-11-07 Hits : 19

One of our favorite places to add a burst of color with wallpaper is in the home office. Whether your office is a fully fledged room with desk, chairs, and diplomas, or a tiny corner carved out of your living room, there are lots of ways to incorporate your wallpaper obsession. Here are some ideas...

1. Black and White Home Office

Sometimes bold is best with black and white. It's easy to choose a BIG pattern ,when the color scheme is on point.


2. Feminine Home Office

A small office can feel a little claustrophobic when you're staring at blank walls, but add some darling accessories and pretty pattern to turn it into an escape. 


3. Cheery Office Nook

Sometimes all you need is the tiniest splash of pattern to add life to your space. 


If you'd like to try to sale peel and stick wallpaper but need some help getting started, send us a message and we'll help you make your business dreams a reality.