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Trend Alert: Realistic Marble Removable Wallpaper That Will Elevate Any Room

Time : 2022-11-17 Hits : 16

大理石主图 (19)

Sleek marble is an ongoing design trend that adds a timeless and high-end touch to all interiors. Adding marble to your mix of home decor may seem like a complicated task, but introducing this breathtaking material into your home is easier than you may think.

Marble designs are known to add sleek sophistication to both small and large surfaces. Black and white marble pairings remain a favorite color combination. Yet, colored marble designs are becoming increasingly appealing, offering a warm and unique touch to interiors.

Our marble aesthetic peel and stick wallpaper designs from the look of the stone’s natural veining, making it easy to create awe-inspiring marble walls, staircases, backsplashes, and more in three quick steps.

Easily bring the look of luxurious dark or white marble into your home with our peel and stick temporary wallpaper! Simply peel and stick our removable wallpaper to any smooth and clean surface and instantly change the look of your space.

Introducing Our New Marble Collection


We’re excited to introduce Marble collection, our brand-new wallpaper print for your walls and furniture.

Featuring classic cream colorways and mesmerizing marble veining, this elegant peel and stick wallpaper design will stand the test of time.

While this popular wallpaper is used mainly in bathroom settings, this gorgeous stone print can also be used in kitchens and across interiors to create visual impact in your space.

Removes Cleanly Off Your Walls


Nothing is set in stone, including our wallpaper. If weeks, months, or years pass by and you decide it’s time for a change, simply peel away and start again!

Our DIY marble wallpaper designs will remove cleanly off your walls and surfaces, without leaving any damage or sticky residue behind. That’s the true beauty of marble removable wallpaper, it isn’t a permanent commitment!

We are proud to now offer over 300 one-of-a-kind designs. 

Shop our wide selection of products today and find a style that works best for your business.