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Traditional and Vinyl Wallpaper Will Work for a Bathroom

Time : 2023-03-27 Hits : 22

From bathrooms to powder rooms, these small spaces can pack a punch. If you are looking to update your space, wallpaper is a quick and easy way to bring color and pattern to your walls and furniture.

If you are wondering what type of wallpaper is best for a bathroom, both traditional and peel and stick wallpaper are suitable. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of wallpaper you can use in a bathroom.

Peel and Stick wallpaper for a bathroom

Discover how easy it is to transform your space into a spa-like sanctuary with peel and stick, removable wallpaper. Simply peel, place, and embrace transformation.

Hamyeewallpaper vinyl coated, peel and stick wallpaper is steam and moisture resistant, making it the perfect decor choice for bathrooms. Not only is peel and stick wallpaper good for a bathroom, but it works in laundry rooms and high-humidity areas, too.


Traditional wallpaper for a bathroom

Traditional wallpaper is also a suitable choice for a bathroom. If you are wondering how to choose a specific wallpaper, it comes down to preference.

Peel and stick wallpaper will be easier to apply, requiring minimal tools for installation. Traditional wallpaper requires a bit more time and patience, but it can be applied to more surfaces and is often printed on fabric material.

Waterproof wallpaper for a bathroom 

Is wallpaper waterproof? Vinyl wallpaper is water resistant, making it the best choice for anyone searching for waterproof wallpaper for bathroom walls. Although it’s not recommended for shower walls, peel and stick wallpaper and traditional wallpaper can be put on bathroom walls behind mirrors. Wallpaper can also be applied on bathroom tiles. 

If wallpaper gets wet, it may damage the paper or begin to peel off the walls. To avoid this from happening, we recommend installing peel and stick wallpaper away from splash zones, especially the shower.

To keepHamyeewallpaper from falling off your wall, it is important to prep your surface before beginning the installation process. We are sharing how to install peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom below.

How do you install peel and stick wallpaper for a bathroom?

If you are wondering how to wallpaper a bathroom with peel and stick wallpaper, we are sharing our top tips and tricks.

Before applying peel and stick wallpaper to your bathroom, it is important to prep your surface. You can clean the surface by wiping with a damp cloth, allowing the surface to fully dry before application.

You will also want to remove switch plates and outlet covers before installing wallpaper to your bathroom. It’s important to make sure to turn off electricity at the source prior to removing your switch plates and outlet covers.

To make sure your wallpaper will stay up and not peel off, we recommend wiping your intended surface with isopropyl alcohol + water solution (1:1 ratio) and letting it dry.

After prepping your bathroom walls, it is best to precut your vinyl wallpaper panels. If you are wondering how to measure your bathroom for peel and stick wallpaper, we are sharing more information in our blog post, Installing Peel and Stick Wallpaper in Your Bathroom.


Vinyl wallpaper works in other rooms 

While our self adhesive vinyl wallpaper is great for a bathroom, it is a popular choice for other rooms in a home, too.Hamyeewallpaper vinyl wallpaper works for a bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, and more.

affordable peel and stick wallpaper options

When it comes to finding the best and affordable peel and stick wallpaper options,Hamyeewallpaper  offers a variety of prints and styles for your space. Refresh your powder room or bathroom with our unique selection of styles.

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