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Ready to move? – How to remove patterned window film

Time : 2022-12-06 Hits : 9

One of the biggest draws of choosing to use heritage window films is how easy they are to remove if you move or change your mind. Below you’ll find the steps to remove patterned window film


Here’s how to removepatterned window film:

1. Put a few drops of washing up liquid into a spray bottle

2. Spray the film with the soapy water solution

3. Score the film into easy to manage strips

4. Use a glass scraper to gently peel the film off the glass

5. Gently peel all the film

6. Use the soapy water and the glass scraper to remove any leftover adhesive

7. Wipe the glass clean

These are the instructions for adhesive window film however if you’ve opted for static cling window film then the process couldn’t be simpler. Just peel off and reuse!