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Pros and Cons of Hexagon Peel & Stick Tiles

Time : 2023-04-26 Hits : 14

Hexagon tiles are least in our opinion. Their six-sided geometric design would create a completely new vibe for our small bathroom makeover! 



· these peel and stick tiles move a lot during the installation process

·  six edges to consider when spacing and grouting

· tiles are thinner than most square luxury vinyl tiles

· if grouting this tile, process is very tedious and requires PATIENCE

· may require the help of vinyl flooring adhesive in some spots


· these tiles are affordable and adorable - a Budget-Friendly DIY!!

· can be cut easily with a box cutter - no power tools needed

· perfect for smaller spaces like a powder room or laundry area

· very nice finished look

· easy to clean and maintain

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