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Precautions for the transportation of WPC panels

Time : 2023-12-13 Hits : 9

WPC panel manufacturerHunan Hamyee Home Decor Co., Ltdwill take the delivery of WPC panels as an example to talk about the issues that need to be paid attention to when it is shipped.

 Precautions for the transportation of WPC panels1

WPC panels are generally required to be placed horizontally or on their sides during transportation. They can be arranged as much as possible to save space, and they will not fall on the product and cause bumps when the vehicle is started or braked. Due to the characteristics of the WPC panel As a result, it cannot be scratched. Once scratched, it will harm the WPC film on its surface, which will have a great impact on the service life, and its fire and moisture resistance performance will also decrease.

Precautions for the transportation of WPC panels2

Therefore, huge containers are generally used for maintenance. The second is that the length of the vehicle cannot be shorter than the WPC panel. In case the part beyond the compartment is worn or broken, this is a very troublesome thing. Pay attention when unloading, the WPC panel is a rectangular decoration material. If you are lifting it by yourself, it will be dragged to the ground and cause damage, so try to choose two people to operate together. The other is the climate problem. If it is rainy, waterproof measures should be taken. Although this product is a plastic product based on polyvinyl chloride resin, there is still packaging on its surface, so try not to let it get wet. , Affecting the image of the entire product.