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Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper

Time : 2023-02-24 Hits : 7

You will love how real it looks. This is not cheap vinyl but higher quality with results as good as designer wallpaper.


This is Peel & Stick wallpaper, so it's great for all your projects and takes very little skill to install.


It is the perfect product for your DIY project, if you make a mistake it easily peels right back off and you can reposition it again on your wall. Wonderful if you're renting and not allowed to ruin the walls, great for dorm rooms, or in the back of a bookshelf or as a temporary backsplash in your kitchen.


Printed on Self Adhesive Vinyl Coated Paper. Quick & easy to apply, peel and stick wallpaper is safe for walls with no sticky residue.


Made in CHINA. 100% Guaranteed removable and repositionable. No water, no mess. Can be used on any smooth and flat surface. Be sure to consider that you will need enough to allow for a pattern match when you apply the next strip.