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Non-woven wallpaper features non-woven wallpaper selection skills

Time : 2023-01-04 Hits : 9

Non-Woven Wallpaperis a popular decoration material in recent years because it uses natural plant fibers and is made of non-woven technology. The resultingNon-woven Wallpaperis more environmentally friendly and healthy, and its pulling force is stronger. Moldy yellow, breathable performance is much better than the average wallpaper. The following Hunan Hamyee Home Decor Co., Ltd introduces the characteristics of non-woven wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper selection techniques.

Non-woven wallpaper features

1, good environmental performance: non-woven wallpaper is the use of fiber or silk and other natural plant raw materials, does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, chlorine, no formaldehyde gas during the installation process, and give everyone a fresh and clean air.

2, good ventilation performance: At present, the air permeability of the non-woven fabric is the best, it can exchange the wall and air humidity anywhere, anytime, will not make the wallpaper moldy yellow, so that invalid wallpaper glue wallpaper off.

3, long life: wallpaper paste is very strong, non-professionals are difficult to tear off, use a long time.

4, good ductility: shrinkage is small, and light texture, wallpaper on the wall fits natural, seamless connection, looks seamless.

Non-woven wallpaper selection skills

1, touch feel

Pure paper wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper look more similar, although their texture does not look any different, but in terms of feel they are very different. Pure paper wallpaper will feel softer, because pure paper wallpaper is made of wood pulp.

2, there is color

Due to the use of natural materials, non-woven wallpaper may have a gradual color difference, which is a normal phenomenon rather than a product quality problem.

3, mildew waterproof

Drop a few drops of water on the surface of the wallpaper, or completely soak the wallpaper in water, and test the water permeability of the wallpaper. If the water permeability is good, it will not be mildew. After dripping, dry the water on the surface of the wallpaper with a paper to see if there is a fade, especially if the wallpaper is bright. After the wallpaper has been treated with water, and the moisture-proof treatment is done on the wall, the wallpaper will not shrink substantially during use.

4, check the environmental protection

A wallpaper with good environmental protection, the smell is very small or even smell no smell, and some inferior wallpapers will have a pungent odor. This kind of wallpaper can never be purchased.

How to paste non-woven wallpaper

1, wallpaper crop: In accordance with the serial number of the wallpaper will be good wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, according to the height of the wall and reserve 5 cm for the crop wallpaper, remember to cut a roll of wallpaper, to prevent the emergence of quality problems .

2. Wall surface treatment: The wall surface should be flat, clean and dry with uniform color. There should be no gaps and uneven defects. Before the construction, the wall surface should be treated with a brush base film (or varnish).