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Metallic Wallpaper

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Metallic wallpapers are a cool, bright and unique trend in modern and original interior design. An elegant, beautiful, unusual assortment of these products, presented in various patterns and shades, from silver and gold to floral and geometric. Thanks to this, you will be able to decorate your home, thereby emphasizing your individual and exquisite taste.

Brilliant and shiny metallic-coated wallpapers are great for reflecting light in a room, so this is a great choice for areas of your home that may not receive a lot of natural light.

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Metallic Wallpaper Features

Such high-quality products are the material of a new generation. In most cases, they are used in the process of decorating rooms in the modern style, for example, hi-tech, empire or techno.

The basis of this finishing material is a canvas of non-woven fabric or paper, which can guarantee excellent adhesion to the wall. It may seem to many that metal wallpapers are made of metal, but this is not at all the case. These products are a special coating that consists of two layers: the base made of porous paper and the top made of the aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is very thin, its density is only 0,0165 mm. Aluminum foil on top is covered with special coatings that repels moisture and protects the wallpaper. Then, depending on the desired effect, paint, varnish and/or other components are applied to the surface to create an original pattern or stamping imitating silver, bronze or gold is used. Thanks to it’s beautiful and unique shiny metallic wallpaper can create unmatchable atmosphere, which can only be achieved by using this kind of finish. That’s why it is so well known and loved by designers.

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The main advantages of metallic wallpaper

This unusual and high-quality material, in addition to its unusual appearance and original design, has a number of significant advantages:

· blends perfectly with any styles in the interior;

· distinguished by simplicity and ease of care. In order to keep these wallpapers in perfect condition, you just need to periodically wipe them with a damp sponge and regular detergent. After that, to give it an additional shine, simply wipe them with a soft, clean and dry cloth;

· this coating is resistant to the negative effects of moisture, it does not fade and does not tarnish from direct exposure to sunlight, does not change its texture;

· perfectly reflects heatwaves, therefore it is ideal for heat insulation of any room, regardless of whether it is an office or home;

· this coating is biologically inert, that is why you shouldn’t worry about the fact that on the walls over time there will be a fungus, mold or other microorganisms;

· differs in environmental friendliness and safety in use.