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How to Install Wood Slat Wall Panels – Hamyee Panel

Time : 2023-11-24 Hits : 12

Hamyee Panelis here! With all the excitement of receiving your new wood slat wall panels products, you may now be asking ‘how do I install them?’.


Lucky for you we’re here to help, with our comprehensive guide on how to install wood slat wall panels with various super easy techniques, tips and tricks! Our Hamyee wall panels are super lightweight and can easily be installed by just one person for a simple DIY project!


There are a couple of ways we would recommend installing Hamyee Panel. One being the use of our Board Fix adhesive, and the other being the use of several screws that screw into your wall.

Installing Hamyee Panel using Silicone

You will need:









1 – Prepare your Wall

Before you get started with attaching anything to your wall, make sure you give it a good clean down beforehand, removing any debris or old nails that may be hanging about. Your wall should be completely flat and even before attaching any panels to ensure the best results.

2 – Measure the Wall

Measure the height and width of the area where you wish to attach your wall panels and mark on the felt of the panel where these measurements land, this is where you will cut.

3 – Cut your Panels

To cut the lightweight MDF slats on your wall panels you can simply use a handsaw or a circular saw. To keep the slats in place and ensure a clean cut, we would recommend attaching a strip of masking tape along your cut line. We recommend using a Stanley knife to cut the felt backing on your wall panels. This small tool will provide accuracy for a clean cut. Measure your cut piece against the wall with no adhesive to ensure you have cut the panel accurately and to the right size.

4 – Apply the Board Fix and Attach to Wall

When you’re sure your wall panel fits into position, apply Board Fix to the back of the felt piece in a snake-like format, ensuring it’s evenly spaced down the whole length of the panel. Now, lift your panel up into position (you may want an extra pair of hands for this) keeping it straight, and push against the wall. Apply a small amount of pressure to the panel to ensure the Board Fix has come into contact with the wall, and hold it in place for around 30 seconds to give the adhesive a chance to set and support the weight of the panel.