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How to decorate a nursery in a rental

Time : 2022-11-02 Hits : 18

Decorating a Pinterest worthy nursery can be a daunting project for anyone, but in a rental it adds another level of complexity. Here are three examples of nursery projects from our customers using removable wallpaper you could do in any home!


45cm Petal Talk peel and stick wallpaper


Here's a whimsical garden nursery that I'd consider moving into myself. I love the white flower with the green leaves. A purple background tone with that little floral wallpaper is like peanut butter and jelly — a pair made to last. To keep things moody (and sleepy!), the menagerie of wall art adds to the luscious, garden explorer effect.


For renters, keep the underlying white walls and use Command Strips instead of nailing holes in the wall. The peel and stick wallpaper will go on and off like a dream, and will hold a Command Strip as well. Voila! A renter's dream nursery that's as easy to take down as it is to put up.


Find this design here.


60cm Modern Cactus Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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This is another fun share.


We do want our babies to actually sleep in the room...someday! A simple custom sign and mini wall tapestry put the finishing touches on this perfect scene. Again, the wallpaper is completely removable so no worries about taking it down when it's time to turn in the key. I'm loving the cactus for some added texture (and baby will love it, too!).


Find this design here.


Don't let "it's a rental" dampen your style vision. Add rugs, use peel and stick wallpaper, change light fixtures and curtains. :)