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Hamyee New Products|Mosaic Foam Wallpaper Sticker

Time : 2023-01-07 Hits : 19

[ Mosaic Foam Wallpaper Sticker Products ]


Brand: Hamyeewallpaper

Name:Mosaic Foam Wallpaper Sticker

Specifications: 30*30cm

Thickness: 4MM

Style: 8 Collections

Scenario: Home, school, business, etc. New walls, or refurbished walls, etc.


Advantage 1

The unremitting pursuit of beauty stems from the infinite love of life.The combination of mosaic elements, perfect display of texture aesthetics, break through spatial boundaries, combine various designs and seamless connections, infuse infinite visual arts into the home space, eliminate the sense of visual fragmentation.

Adopting PET film drawing and printing technology, the mosaic foam wallpaper sticker has a strong visual effect, can fit most of the production scenes decorative decoration, create a personalized space with both face value and quality.

Advantage 2

In the research and development of materials, decorative paste base for IXPE foam material, with light weight, soundproof and noise reduction effect, giving the future home life more possibilities.Can be on the wall, also as a countertop/cabinet decoration sticker, can meet the requirements of all-round performance.



Full of 3D space feeling mosaic foam wallpaper sticker, its stone-grained panels criss-crossed lines, creating a fashionable and luxurious urban space.The mosaic metal wall with strong texture lines is applied in the space. It is vintage, light and luxurious.





"Mosaic Foam Wallpaper Sticker"

Highlight a romantic sense of sight

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