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Frosted Window Films

Time : 2022-12-07 Hits : 13

Frosted window films have become far more popular in recent years as people look for something modern, stylish, durable and slick to increase the privacy of their home. One of the main attractions of a frosted window film is that they still let the light in – which is one home decor trend that never goes out of fashion – but keep prying eyes out. They’re great if you live somewhere with lots of people passing by as you really can keep your home private.

privacy window film is also easy to apply in just minutes (even if you have zero experience), can be completely customised and is far more affordable than alternatives like frosted glass or fitted shutters and blinds. You can get stained glass effect films, modern designs and even seasonal ones. You can also change them as often as you want and you can even choose your own design from scratch. Just want to cover part of a window rather than the full thing? That’s really easy to do with a window film.