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Foam Wall Sticker Tips and How To Remove It From Walls

Time : 2023-09-08 Hits : 8

Foam wall stickeris self-adhesive stickers for decorating the interiors of commercial buildings. They are usually made from foamed polyethylene liquid polymer with 3D surface finishes. The back side is usually coated with glue or gum for the purpose of sticking on to a surface. They have multiple applications such as, backing against brick walls for aesthetic values, decoration and protecting brick veneer.

3d brick foam wallpaper (2)

These wall stickers are made to fit any sized and shaped foam surface. They can be used for decorating the interiors of homes, shops, restaurant, conference rooms etc. They are simple self adhesive labels that come in different attractive shapes, styles and colors. They can be made to order according to the customer's requirement, customized according to the theme of the building or can be purchased ready made. Foam wall stickers are made of quality foam which is completely safe to use, durable and can be cleaned easily without leaving any residue.


They can be pealed to remove their protective backing. However this may not be possible in all circumstances as some of these self-adhesive stickers come with self-adhesive backing that do not peel off easily. But some of them do not peel off easily. It depends upon the texture of the brick foam wall sticker. To peel a foam wall sticker you should firstly wash it with warm water and soap. Then carefully peel it off with the help of a piece of cotton cloth or a sponge.

To install the self-adhering 3d foam wall stickers, one should firstly clean the wall surface and apply some quantity of cleaning solution to loosen up the dirt from the surface. The cleaning solution must not be used on the wall sticker as it may damage the surface. Next, slide the sticker on the desired location, cover it with the cleaning solution and then apply another layer of backing so that it does not peel off. You should repeat the process till the entire wall surface is covered with the sticker.

The third and final tip on how to peel a foam wall sticker is to avoid placing any type of heat on the surface of the sticker as it may cause melting. You may also try using an iron to transfer or press the paper on the wall surface. Also, avoid hanging the decal on the wall until it gets dried out completely as excessive heat may also damage it. Once the decal is dried out, peel off the backing and place it in the desired location.

3d brick foam wallpaper4Although, it is very easy to remove a foaming decal from a wall but care should be taken not to allow it to remain on the wall for a long time as it may cause damage to the surface. The best way of removing a foaming wall sticker from a wall is to clean it with a water and soap solution. If the wall surface does not respond to the solution then you can use a hot water nozzle for applying some pressure. Once the soap dries out, you can easily remove it from the wall using a brush or towel.