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Floor Sticker FAQs

Time : 2023-02-17 Hits : 9


· What kind of floors can I install Hamyeewallpaper stickers on?

As long as your floors are smooth and non-porous, you should be good to go. 

Here are some common flooring types that work with Quadrostyle stickers: smooth ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl, laminate flooring, parquet and varnished wood, sealed concrete, and sealed polished stone. 

Here are common flooring types that do not work with Quadrostyle stickers: rough, textured floors, unsealed subflooring, unsealed plywood, raw wood, waxed or oiled wood, waxed tiles, and damp or cracked surfaces. 

  • How thick are they?

Tile stickers and floor panels are both about as thick as a playing card—2mm to be exact! Thick enough to stand up to wear and tear and thin enough to install over your floors for an imperceptible finish.

  • I’ve got pets, kids, and a generally busy household, will these stickers hold up?

Our floor stickers may look unassuming, but they’re mighty durable, which is important for a high-traffic area like the entryway!

When installed properly (no loose edges or air bubbles), tile stickers and floor panels can stand up to cats, dogs, and other clawed pets, chaotic kids, and all the mess you track in from outside!

Hamyeewallpaper stickers are also water-resistant, so no need to worry about any splashes that occur on rainy days.

  • Can I clean them as I normally would?

Again, as long as your stickers are carefully installed, feel free to treat them as you would normally treat your floors. Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are all good ways to clean your floors.