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Does Laminate Flooring Require Waxing?

Time : 2023-10-06 Hits : 9

Do not wax laminate flooring. Many people know that waxing solid wood flooring is to increase brightness, protect the surface from abrasion, and easy to clean, because the surface of solid wood floor is coated with surface paint or UV acrylic paint, although it has a certain brightness and is not easy to be waxed. Abrasion characteristics, but it is far from the wear-resistant layer of laminate flooring. Laminate flooring (commonly known as laminate flooring or laminate flooring, scientific name: stain-impregnated paper laminate wood flooring), the underlying paper is moisture-proof and deformation-resistant. The upper layer of wear-resistant and beautiful surface paper is pressed into a new type of wooden floor by modern electromechanical equipment under high temperature and pressure. The laminate floor is generally divided into a three-layer structure of surface layer, substrate layer and bottom layer, which has the advantages of higher resistance Abrasive.

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Waxing onlaminate flooringwill appear:

1.Because the laminate floor itself has a wear-resistant layer, waxing on it appears to be superfluous. Waxing on the wear-resistant layer does not directly rub the floor, but rubs the wax film layer, causing many users to mistakenly think that the laminate floor is "squeamish" illusion.

2.It is very easy to do cleaning on the wear-resistant layer.For example, it is more troublesome to do it after waxing.