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Commercial Flooring is usually neglected. Managers and decision-makers are concerned only with practicality. Which is fair enough, you want to keep overheads down, your staff are there to do a job, why should your flooring make a difference? Well, it does, in the same way that the paint on the walls makes a difference or just about anything else. If you had wallpaper hanging off the walls and door handles broken from doors, it doesn’t look like a great place to work or do business and the same applies to your floor.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring For Your Office

Flooring doesn’t have to be expensive or boring for it to be commercial. You’re allowed to have cheap, interesting, high quality, cushioned flooring. All too many offices have nothing but bland, lifeless flooring, wall to wall. Your office, your staff and you deserve better andHamyeewallpaper can give you better. 

One of our most popular commercial flooring options is vinyl. The popularity of vinyl extends over both company and residential use. It is water-resistant and low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about high costs for keeping your floor looking great. Additionally, vinyl is durable which makes it perfect for high traffic areas, like an office. It almost goes without saying that durability means you won’t have to replace your floor very often at all.

So as far as practicality is concerned, you’ve nothing to worry about. Your new floor will serve you very well; not only that, it’ll look great too! 

Hamyeewallpaper’s commercial vinyl flooringis for professional use. No matter the size of your workplace, it’s important that you are walking on the best flooring available to you. After all, you probably do more walking around the office than you do at home! So if you have a love for style and a penchant for quality, then this is the flooring option for you. 

Circling back to what we were saying earlier about design, vinyl comes in a range of options. One of the most popular vinyl options is those that look like hardwood flooring. Hardwood is typically an expensive floor but the vinyl allows you to have an amazing aesthetic without that price tag. But we understand that not everybody has the same taste. It is also available in a wide variety of colours, textures, and style options. It can even be printed to simulate the look of stone or ceramic.

One thing that is important to consider is the wear layer. As you would expect, the thicker the wear layer the longer it’ll last and because of that, it will be more expensive. But don’t go wincing, more expensive doesn’t mean unreasonable. In fact, commercial vinyl is among our most affordable options.

If you find yourself about to move into a new office, or if you find yourself looking at the floor where you’re working and you’re not entirely satisfied with it, speak to Hamyeewallpaper.Our experts will be able to guide you to a floor that you will love and will improve your working day that little bit brighter.