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Black Wallpaper Feature Wall

Time : 2022-11-09 Hits : 35

Give me the drama! I love a moody black feature wall to add some mystery and dimension to a space. Our peel & stick wallpaper is a nice choice to add that drama because it can peel off easily and be repurposed if you decide to change up your look later.

Hamyeewallpaper has a wide range of black wallpaper for feature walls, so let's take a look at a few of my favorites...

145cm Flowery peel and stick wallpaper

9174 黑底花团 (2)

45cm Flowery Peel and Stick Wallpaperis the name of this super sweet black floral wallpaper. I love the vintage vibe and moody black background.

2、53cm Mysteriousness Blossoms Yellow vinyl wallpaper

9433黑底金欧花 (1)

Here's another53cm Mysteriousness Blossoms Yellow Vinyl Wallpaperthat is all the things we love about a black wallpaper feature wall. A wild bouquet spills off the wall and into your home, creating a dramatic effect with heaps of color and personality.


Black wallpaper is one of my favorite decor choices because it makes colors in front of it pop. So perch your statement couch or canary yellow throw against any inky background and let the color speak volumes.


Order a reduced-scale sample to see the design in person and test out the material on wall for your business.