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Benefits of Hamyeewallpaper Static Cling Window Film

Time : 2023-01-09 Hits : 17


We are constantly looking for ways we can improve our living spaces. We are talking about doing bathroom and kitchen renovations, adding a fresh layer of paint to the walls, and replacing old furniture with new ones. 


While some home revamping activities are meant to enhance aesthetics, others are designed to increase your home's energy efficiency. A window cling film can do both. Usually, homeowners are torn between getting an adhesive window film and static window film. While both may serve more or less the same purpose, they are typically different and have different perks. Getting a Luzen&Co static cling window film is a cost-effective and simple way to improve your home. 


While there is a wide variety of clingwindow films, why should you go for these products?


1. Energy efficiency 

The first benefit you are going to enjoy with these products is energy savings. This is something you will need with the skyrocketing electric bills. Luzen&Co static cling window films are heat controlling. They help retain heat inside a room when the weather is cold. At the same time, they control temperatures within the house by providing insulation against excessive heat from outside. 


The DIY window film installation is also effortless and straightforward, making it the most cost-effective way to increase your home's energy efficiency. With heat being retained in your home during cold weather and excess heat being blocked, you will find your house more comfortable.



2.It is an intelligent way to enhance the aesthetics of your home


Do you consider your windows too plain, or even considering a replacement? Well, unless your window is broken, you do not have to replace it for aesthetic reasons. There is an affordable and quick way to enhance their look. 


Hamyeewallpaper has a wide range of films that will meet your aesthetic needs. An excellent example of decorative window film is the 3D Oriental Static Cling Window Film. Depending on the design you prefer, you have several options like the spring rain static film, prism, stripe, and triangle window films. 


There are tons of other beautiful options like the pebble static cling film, magnolia static film, and crystal window film option. With the wide range of options, these will give you the opportunity to redecorate your home quickly. 




Privacy is essential as you want to feel secure even as you enjoy the comfort of your home. Luzen&Co black-out window film will give you privacy both at night and during the day. The great part is that it will do this while at the same time allowing filtered natural light into your house.


This is a more effective and affordable option than curtains, as with curtains, you only get to enjoy privacy when they are closed. A frost window film is also an excellent choice for enhancing privacy in your home without filtering too much light. 


You will enjoy complete privacy at night and during the day. The room occupants will be able to see outside, but no one outside will have a view of your home.


4.Protection from UV rays

The other notable benefit of using the static cling window film is blocking UV. Some UV rays can pass through the windows. While it may be hard to notice that you are being burnt by UV, it happens, and with time your skin will be affected.


The idea of having the sun rays bouncing off your walls and dancing across your floors is excellent. However, it would be best if you were wary of the imminent damage. With prolonged exposure to UV, your floors will not be looking as good as they do now. 


UV rays are also known to discolor furniture and drapes. By installing the static cling window film, you can block up to 99% of the UV rays. This way, you will protect your furniture from damage and protect yourself and other occupants from UV's harmful effects.


Keep your furniture looking brilliant and prevent your curtains and carpet from fading by investing in a decorative static window film.

5.Window film will reduce glare

The other benefit you will get from a static cling window film is the reduction of glare. Glare is not only annoying, but it could be a health concern too. Glare leads to eyestrain due to the discomfort.


Prolonged discomfort and strain could lead to impaired vision.

Note that when your eyesight is affected, other body functions are disturbed. A window film is a perfect and easy solution for glare control. A frost window film will filter the light getting into your home, creating balance and eliminating glare. 


6.Easy installation

Hamyeewalppaper window film products are easy and quick to install. Whether you are installing film for privacy, decoration, or blocking UV, the installation process is straightforward, and you don’t even need to hire a professional.

They are a quick way to enhance the aesthetics of your home and beef up privacy. All you need to do is get the dimensions of the surface you want to install. For neat installation, ensure that the surface you intend to install is clean and clear of dust.

Once you have prepared the surface, peel off the film and spray water on the static side of the film. Spray water on the glass surface, too, then place the wet film on it. Smoothen out the film on the window, and your installation is complete.



Static window films are replacing adhesive ones. They don’t use adhesives, meaning that the removal process is easier and will leave no residue on the surface after removal. There is also the benefit of easy window film installation.


Choose from the wide range ofHamyeewallpaper products, enhance your home’s aesthetics, increase privacy, and protect yourself and your belongings from UV rays.