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Advantages of Wallpaper

Time : 2022-12-09 Hits : 13


When you need to update the wall there are many finishing materials for walls and partitions: paint, plaster, fabric, wood, stone, finally, glass and mirrors and wallpaper. 

Many people do not even question themselves, how to do it - of course, with traditional wallpaper! But some people still don't choosing the wallpaper, cause they don't know much about modern wallpaper that we are offering.

So let's talk about advantages of wallpaper.

In fact, it is the most common way to decorate the walls in Europe, but here in the United States it is not as popular and mostly used in expansive, rich houses. With our help wallpaper can become the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to decorate your house or any other place and make it cozy, fashion, modern and creative. 

There are many wallpaper indisputable advantages and disadvantages. The minimum cost of time and money, as well as an opportunity to repair them with your own hands, have led to the incredible popularity of wallpaper in Europe. There are a lot of specialized stores that are offering a wide range of wallpaper, vinyl, interfacing, textile or natural.


Advantages of wallpaper:

· The ability to be paste to any surface: plaster, painted surfaces, prefabricated panels, concrete, brick, the surface of mud brick, etc.

· Working with them is relatively easy and does not require special skills or expensive materials;

· Easy to maintenance. Paper wallpaper cannot be washed with water, just wipe with a clean cloth or soft brush. There are wallpapers that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and washable wallpaper washes easily with water and detergents. Detergents aggressive enough, so we recommend, it is better to wash with water mixed with ammonia, 1 teaspoon of powder or liquid ammonia to 1 quart of water.

· Wallpapers will last a long time (if they are of good quality and with proper care), about 15-20 years, retaining its color and appearance unchanged.

· Wallpapers can be, if desired, easily removed, and then, on the same surface, you can paste other wallpaper or paint it.

· They look nice and relatively cheap.

In addition, their use does not cause so much trouble, as the painting of the walls.

But we must remember one detail: not all types of wallpaper are suitable for rooms with high humidity, and the paper simply prohibited in such areas.

Furthermore, wallpaper can simulate a wide range of finishing materials (except, perhaps, the glass and the mirror). After all, the idea of wallpaper was born from the desire to create the effect of finishing cloth. Today, wallpaper can imitate anything: marble and Venetian plaster, gold and rusted iron, shagreen leather and lights of the big city.