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Wallpaper brand introduction- Rasch

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Rasch is one of the largest companies in the global wallpaper industry, with modern production bases in Germany, Ukraine, Turkey and Poland, and has more than 150 years of wallpaper manufacturing history, enjoying a high reputation in Europe.

Rasch is the first wallpaper company in the world to use waste gas purification equipment and water-based printing paste, and its products have received international certifications such as CE EU safety certification, FSC environmental certification, RAL quality certificate, etc. The wallpaper is highly safe and environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Rasch pays great attention to the personalization and creativity of wallpaper, has its own team of designers, with studios all over the world, and so far has 12 professional designers and hundreds of designers, with products frequently appearing in major exhibitions and fashion conferences. widely praised inside and outside the industry.

ETRO is the top European style wallpaper series, with more than ten different colors and patterns, the exquisite and luxurious design and workmanship is the choice of people pursuing high style. The color is unique and elaborate, and the pattern is made by deep pressing, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

As for the other wallpapers, the official Long decorated according to the style, pattern, color and local culture of the wallpaper is also classified, and named "Rivera", "Abaca", "Nubia" And so on, but such naming actually means little to consumers.

Chinese elements in the wallpaper pattern is an essential presence, "happy on the eyebrows" is one of the representatives of the series, to the theme of Chinese flowers and birds, a total of four kinds of styles. In traditional Chinese culture, magpies omen of good luck, festive, wallpaper on the flock of magpies by hot stamping process, lifelike, some magpies stand on the branches, beautiful posture, some magpies soaring in the air, dynamic, so that the whole room is full of energy and vitality. The wallpaper series are made of non-woven fabric, good breathability, not easy to tear.

"Bright stars" wallpaper designed for children's rooms to build, star pattern naïve, cream background clean bright and not harsh. Formaldehyde content of about 10mg/kg, effective protection of children's health.