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Wallpaper brand introduction- Marburg

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Marburg is a veteran German wallpaper manufacturer, established nearly two hundred years ago, now sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, the Dubai Marina Hotel, Russia Constantine Palace are using Marburg wallpaper.

Marburg is a trendsetter in the wallpaper market, in the material and style of continuous innovation, the first irregular pattern wallpaper, fabric wallpaper and expanded vinyl wallpaper and velvet fiber wallpaper, and many of the world's leading designers to launch designer series, known as the "21st century da Vinci" Luigi -Colani has also participated in the design of Marlborough wallpaper.

Marburg not only outstanding design, leading technology, in promoting the wallpaper industry standardization and environmental protection is also quite successful, the German wallpaper industry association's RAL standard is developed under the leadership of Marburg, according to this standard wallpaper burning only clean gas, environmental protection without pollution. At the same time, Marburg is also since 1990, the only one through the DIN EN ISO9001 certification of wallpaper manufacturers, in the industry to play a pioneering role in the model.

Marburg wallpaper made of virgin wood pulp non-woven paper as a substrate, the surface covered with a thin layer of PVC, friction-resistant and not easy to fade, breathable and not easy to mold, environmental standards to reach the baby pacifier level, product positioning high-end, the price between 500-4000 yuan, more than a thousand dollars mostly. Marburg wallpaper styles are diverse, officially divided into European classical, rustic countryside, modern style, youth time, romantic fashion, avant-garde design six styles.

"Hyperspace" series is a first-class high-quality wallpaper by the famous designer Ulf Moretz and Marburg, its classical and elegant temperament and bright and beautiful visual effects can be called the top of wallpaper art. The series uses retro mood pattern design and soft colors to give a deep impression of the senses, the use of materials is quite clever, bright lacquer texture, shiny decorations and small glass beads to give the wallpaper a sense of luster, the pattern of small particles on the unique touch. Whether you are a nostalgic antique style lovers, or fashionable modernist, "Hyperspace" can meet your needs. Similar excellent products generally priced at about 200-600 yuan, miscellaneous wallpapers priced at less than 50 yuan, while the price of "super space and time" 3800 yuan is enough to prove that it is not only a single function of decorative objects, but also to enhance the style, with ornamental art.

After the "Dignity" series became a big hit in China, Marburg again created the "Century Dignity" series for Chinese consumers. Compared with the old version, "Century Glory" has better design, technology and color, and is more cost-effective. "Century Glory" with beige, gold, yellow and other soft tones preferred by Chinese consumers, in the pattern of the integration of ancient and modern Chinese and Western aesthetic elements, from the Jiangnan courtyard of the Chinese window to the European church rose window, inclusive, very suitable for Chinese decoration style and the space of the Ming and Qing dynasties home furnishings, priced at about 1400 yuan.

The "Glory" series, designed by Marburg's chief designer Dieter Langa, is inspired by the Nordic aurora borealis, and its style cannot be described by the word "European" alone, but in essence combines the common elements of classical, modern, American and Chinese, breaking through the aesthetic standards of a single category. Balance a variety of style elements, through the brush color, color gradient, halo effect refracted aurora borealis-like light and shadow beauty. "Glory" wallpaper using multi-layer screen printing and hot embossing process, up to 5 layers of color accurately stacked into a vivid and lively pattern, so that the flat wallpaper also presents a three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. The wallpaper and a variety of decorative styles, about 800 yuan price is only a quarter of the "super space-time", the cost is quite high.