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Wallpaper brand introduction- Brewster

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Brewster is one of the world's oldest and largest wallpaper multinational companies, the predecessor can be traced back to 1892.


Brewster has acquired the International wallcovering factory in Toronto, the Fine Décor factory in Holmes Chapel, England, and the famous wallpaper company CHESAPEAKE in the United States, which has a very strong wallpaper production capacity. All of Brewster's products are in line with the environmental standards set by European, American and Asian countries.


Brewster's wallpaper mainly with non-woven as the paper base, the surface covered with acrylic coating, special technology to make the wallpaper surface presents a better three-dimensional sense. Non-woven paper base texture is fine and soft, after burning and drip test, the wallpaper surface without any burning traces, will be wiped clean after no obvious signs of infiltration, moisture sense is not large, flame retardant and moisture resistance are good. In addition, pencil writing on the surface of the wallpaper can be easily erased, erased and the original surface as well, stain resistance is also worth affirming.


Brewster wallpaper covers Europe and the United States classical, modern, neoclassical, rustic, children and other artistic styles, for home decoration to bring a variety of artistic style.


"Multi-grain collection" is a stripes as the theme of the United States wallpaper, width and narrow, color staggered change of vertical stripes can give a visual effect of stretching space, very suitable for a small area of the room. Wallpaper using pure paper material, although breathability and durability than non-woven poor, but the printing effect is excellent, high degree of color reproduction. This classic stripe pattern style versatile, if you face a wide range of wallpaper indecision, then you can consider the wallpaper.