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Wallpaper brand introduction- A.S. Creation

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A.S. Creation is a European wallpaper fashion brand, the first to use water-based environmentally friendly ink for wallpaper printing, the invention of the world's first intaglio foam wallpaper and LED wallpaper, has won six times the "German Quality Service Award" and the German Design Council issued the "Interior Innovation Award".


Compared with the 100-year history of Marburg and Long decoration, established only forty years ago, A.S. Creation in the wallpaper industry is considered a latecomer. Through continuous mergers and acquisitions of high-end fabric brands Indes, Borges, decorative fabric companies Fuggerhaus, LUTECE and other well-known wallpaper companies, production capacity and design level gradually improved.

Now A.S. Creation  annual wallpaper production of more than 31 million volumes, can be 8 times around the world, from the selection of raw materials to product production are in strict compliance with the European environmental standards, and through the German wallpaper industry association developed RAL standards. A.S. Creation  also cooperates with ESPRIT, VERSACE and other brands, and has become the sponsor of the German soccer first division, so the quality of our products is widely recognized internationally.


A.S. Creation wallpaper series are numerous and can be divided into European classical, neo-classical, simple European, modern, rustic, American style. Wallpaper mostly non-woven as the base, has excellent waterproof and breathable, environmentally friendly water-based ink printing, safe and healthy without pollution, the shortcomings are stain resistance, daily should try to avoid oil pollution.


Esprit is the most mature series of Esprit, from the launch of the 2006 has been 12 versions. Esprit11 has four styles of spring, summer, autumn and winter, "spring" is the vibrant red and green color leaves, "summer" is a different color spots interwoven The "spring" is the vibrant red and green color leaves, the "summer" is a shimmering lake made of different color spots, the "autumn" is a line of drooping grain beads, and the "winter" is a romantic and pure snow crystal. Other styles also have their own characteristics, Esprit10 main pure plain, Esprit12 for two colors composed of simple patterns, ESPRIT KIDS5 is covered with cartoon patterns, suitable for decorating children's rooms.


"Fashion Home (TRENDS HOME 1)" is A.S. Creation in 2014 together with the well-known home furnishing magazine - "Fashion Home" launched wallpaper series, the design concept of a blend of Chinese and Western culture, a total of four different groups of floral patterns. "Fashion ripple" through the combination of regular ripples into a layered S-shaped pattern, in color to take a gradation of shades of processing, so that the wallpaper in the light to show the refractive effect, this is a style versatile wallpaper, both to decorate the hall, but also decorate the bedroom.


"Alili" is the wallpaper series launched in cooperation with the Dutch fashion brand OILILY, in addition to the non-woven fabric as the base, the surface layer is also coated with resin to enhance the sense of brightness, durability is good. Different from A.S. Creation 's minimalist style, "OILILY" series of richer and more complex patterns, colors are also more bold and bright.