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How to Choose a LVT Flooring Manufacturer in China?

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Are you still busy dealing with quality complaints from your customers? 


Are you still suffering from backorders and untimely service from your suppliers? 


Or you want to enter theLVT flooring market, but don't know how to find a premium flooring supplier?


Although China-made wooden flooring and vinyl flooring account for about 90% of the world market, and China has the most complete supply chain and industrial cluster in SPC flooring production, the comprehensive strength among floor suppliers from China is still a relatively high gap. Large-scale floor procurement is often long-term project cooperation, and it is particularly important to choose a high-quality floor supplier.


Hamyee is a professional laminate flooring manufacturer with 12 years of experience. The floor products are sold well in 100+ countries and regions. Its product quality and service level are at the top level in the flooring industry and have won the recognition and trust of 600+ flooring distributors. HAMYEE is a very reliable flooring manufacturer compared to most other suppliers


Hamyee has established LVT manufacturing factories in China. HAMYEE's main products include waterproof laminate flooring, Flooring vinyl tile, etc., and have international certifications.

How to Choose a LVT Flooring Manufacturer in China1


To further improve the quality of providing high-quality products and services to customers, Hamyee has established 6 systems. The Hamyee 6 systems cover all the problem descriptions and solutions you care about, from production to after-sales.


1. Hamyee Manufacturing System (HMS): The perfect combination of professional engineers and workers, advanced production equipment and technology, and mature production process and management. The scientific HMS ensures the stable production and supply of the best flooring.


2. Hamyee Quality Control System (HQS): Strict quality control runs through the entire production process, from raw material procurement to key production steps, to finished products and shipments. The important data of every key production link must be tested and recorded by the HAMYEE QC team.


3. HAMYEE Value-added Service System (HSS): Besides the best flooring, we aim to provide our customers with the best service you can never ever have from others, including professional regional directors with profound experience and knowledge, brand design, color matching and sample mock-up, shipping and document service, industrial news and trends, online and offline marketing supports. Meet customer needs and promote your business with a holistic service.


4. HAMYEE After-sales Service System (HAS): Solve the worries of customers, provide fast processing channels for product quality complaints, provide the best solution to disputes, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.


5. HAMYEE Testimonial System (HTS): HAMYEE wins with high-quality products and services, and has won the recognition and trust of 600+ flooring distributors from 100+ countries and regions. HAMYEE has a good reputation and evaluation in the industry and is your reliable flooring manufacturer.