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Wood Grain Decorative Paper is popular

Time : 2023-12-28 Hits : 10

Decorative paperrefers to special paper used for artificial board and furniture surface decoration. It can be used for aesthetics, heat insulation, flame retardant, and moisture-proof. The decorative paper is mainly used for veneer making of wood-based panels. It is widely used in the field of architectural decoration materials.


The decorative paper is made of wood pulp and inorganic filler as the main raw material. It is processed by a special process, and then pressed with melamine resin and pressed with the board. It is mainly used for the protective layer paper of fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, and other artificial boards. The paper for the top layer and the paper for the bottom layer are finally applied to the manufacture of decorative materials such as laminate flooring and panel furniture.


Every piece of furniture has a style, and each style has a way of life behind it. Different people like different styles, many people like the rural style and modern style, wood grain decorative paper can subtly combine the rural style with the modern style, oak paper is simple and elegant, just neutralizing the small discomfort caused by the decoration of the apartment has become the hottest product in the market.

In addition, the rustic style of decorative paper also has a high popularity. The reason is that the strong rural style presents a natural and authentic visual effect through the use of old materials.