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Why wallpaper is better than a paint?

Time : 2023-03-10 Hits : 10

Walls are a special shell of the interior, on which is very much depends. Their appearance can change the feel of coziness, style and "color climate" of our homes. When it comes to changing the interior, the question arises: " Paint the walls or paste the Wallpaper? What to do? ". 


The market of wallcoverings amazes us with a variety of decorative pastes and plasters, mosaic and tiles, fabrics and wall panels. But the most popular is always paint and wallpaper. Paint is the "classic" choice, but with the help of Wallpaper, you can achieve a maximum of original effects and decorativeness.


· Paint is a solution for those who can't decide on a color

The main advantage of painting is that you can "coordinate" the color of the walls at any stage of repair work, as well as replace it fast. This is permissible because the color of the paint can be any. If you do not like one shade - you can repaint over the second layer in another, which is not going to work as easily with the Wallpaper.

The paint can be applied to the most majority of surfaces - and it is advantageous to emphasize the texture of the wall. If you like to do a rearrangement often, then painting walls is an ideal solution, that allows you to change the color of walls: you can repaint them in a matter of hours and without the beginning of major repair work.


· Wallpaper is for creative people

Doing special effects with the paint is way too long and hard, finding suitable Wallpapers are much easier. In some salons there are special mirrors made at an angle - you hang a roll in front of them and see in the reflection what the wall will look like. You don’t even need to imagine anything special. The variety of colors, textures, and prints are amazingly huge, which gives us the possibility of finding anything that we could even imagine: grasscloth, fiberglass, crystal beads, rhinestones, mica... OMG, it's unbelievable. 

Quality wallpaper with a texture or ornament looks elegant, wallpaper - this is without a doubt the main "accessory" of the interior. 


Nowadays, Wallpapers are made out of high-quality materials and coated with heavy duty coatings for washability. It is very easy to clean them. 

So, Wallpapers are really better than a paint in a lot of aspects, but it also depends on the result that you are looking for. Both coverings have pros and cons. One is for sure when choosing it is necessary to focus not only on their aesthetic preferences but also take into the count the quality of the walls, the general appearance of the interior and other features of the room.