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What to do About Condensation on Walls

Time : 2022-12-29 Hits : 11

During the winter months, condensation can build up on walls, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. If left untreated, then condensation can lead to mould growth and spores which can impact on your health, especially in the young and old. 

Here we look at what causes condensation to occur on walls and how you can reduce it. What Causes Condensation on Walls? 

If you did science at school, you might know all about condensation but for those who don’t know, or have forgotten, condensation forms when air touches a surface whilst is cooler than the air temperature. In rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom where the air temperature can heat up a lot faster than the walls, the moisture in the air condenses and leaves water droplets on the wall, also known as condensation. 

How to Combat Condensation 

The first way to combat condensation is to ensure that there is adequate ventilation in a room. This helps to equalise the air and wall temperatures and draw some of the moisture from the room. 

Ventilation can be done by opening a window, installing ventilation vents or using a dehumidifier which draws moisture from the air.