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Wallpaper Maintenance Considerations

Time : 2023-01-11 Hits : 9

1) at the time of construction, you should choose air relative humidity below 85%, there should be no sharp changes in temperature of the season, to avoid during the wet season and wet wall construction.

2) construction of the day should open the doors and Windows, ventilation; to close the doors and Windows at night, preventing moisture from entering. Just posted on the walls of wallpaper, against wind blowing, will affect the color fastness to the bonding surface engineering.

3) when pastingwallpaperwall covering adhesive liquid overflow should be kept clean with a clean cloth, especially seam glue marks, clean to handle. It is construction or supervisory personnel must be careful and serious viewing. Construction workers will remain clean hands and tools, such as stained stains, wash promptly with SOAP and water or detergent.

4)foam wallpaperwall covering easily ash, beautiful and clean, and cleaned every 3-6 months. Use a vacuum cleaner or brush dipped in water to scrub, be careful not to water into the seams.

5) Paste wallpaper and don't use and to guard against hard objects or sharp scraping. After a period of time, of joint cracking in some places, should be subsidized in time, cannot be allowed to develop.

6) wallpaper on the wall of the toilet water and steam to open Windows and exhaust fans in a timely manner, or use a dry towel to wipe clean water for so long, will damage the wallpaper quality, appear white or sparkling;

7) is too dry rooms, Windows that open, avoid direct sunlight for too long, otherwise the wallpaper of dark colors have a greater negative impact.