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Three Times to Choose Wallpaper

Time : 2022-11-11 Hits : 11

Look, we know wallpaper has been commonly regarded as an outdated form of home decor- at least that WAS true until recently. Old-fashioned wallpaper often has a stuffy vibe that most of us cant get down with, and its a pain in the rear to apply (and remove)! Its really no wonder regular old paint slid in and stole the show.


You already know that ourpeel-and-stick wallpaperis easy to use, but here are three situations where wallpaper is clearly the elite decorating decision:

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Temporary housing arrangements


Peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect for anywhere that requires you to un-decorate before moving out. Skip the stress and time suck that accompany repainting! Just peel off your beautiful wall art and move along with your life.   

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Intricate detail

Want something unique and interesting, but lack the artistic ability (or just time) necessary to create it yourself? Wallpaper! Its easier than painting your own mural, and youll be supporting independent brand. Its a win-win!

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Non-wall items

If you venture outside the box a bit, you may find a variety of additional uses for wallpaper. Spice up cabinets, staircases, furniture, or really whatever your heart desires. If youve got any super cool recommendations of your own, wed love to hear them!