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"Pure paper" and "PVC wallpaper " wallpaper authentication method

Time : 2022-12-30 Hits : 10

"Pure paper" and "PVC" wallpaper prices are very different, pure paper is environmentally friendly, durable, does not change color, compared to PVC Wallpaper is also much more expensive. How to identify these two wallpapers? There are four ways.


1,Smell smell

Open up a sample of wallpaper, especially a new one, and smell the odor. Natural wood wallpaper emits a light woody scent, and it smells almost no smell. If there is odor, it is definitely not a pure natural wallpaper.


2, with fire

Take a small piece of wallpaper and burn it. When the natural wallpaper burns, there is no black smoke. The smell of wood can be smelled. The dust after combustion is also white. If the smell of plastic is smelled and smoke is produced, the gray is black. It may be PVC material wallpaper. The burning of PVC wallpaper, black smoke, diffuse smell of rubber. The ashes are black and hard. The scene of the burning of pure paper wallpapers, the smoky smoke, only the normal burning paper smell, no gum odor. The ashes are gray and white, and they are scattered, like the ashes of cigarettes.


3, do drop test

Drip a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water through the paper. If you can't see it, it means that the wallpaper doesn't have air permeability and is not a pure natural wallpaper. Take a plain paper wallpaper and pour a little water on the back. About 15 minutes later, the water will invade the front of the wallpaper, remove the wallpaper, you can see the water has penetrated the desktop.


4, with water bubbles

A small portion of the wallpaper is soaked in water, and then the surface and back of the wallpaper are scratched with fingers to see if it is discolored or blistering. The real pure natural wallpaper is particularly strong, and because its dyes are pure natural ingredients extracted from flowers and flax, It will not discolor because of blisters.