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Installing Custom Wallpaper

Time : 2022-11-26 Hits : 18

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Before You Begin Installing Custom Wallpaper

Before you begin, make sure your surface is prepped and ready for your Hamyeewallpaper wallpaper installation. 

Gather Your Tools

 Craft Knife
 Cutting Surface
• Level
• Pencil
• Ruler or Straight Edge
• Step Stool
• Squeegee
• Tape Measure

Application Steps For Wallpaper 

1.  Using a level, mark a vertical guide down the length of the surface.

2. Following the panel guide, peel back 3-4 ft. of the backing on the first panel.

3. Begin at the top edge aligning paper with your vertical guide to ensure a straight application.

4. Use a squeegee to smooth paper to surface working from the center out. Tempaper can be repositioned as needed to ensure pattern alignment and to eliminate bubbling.

5. Continue in 3-4 foot increments peeling and smoothing until you reach the bottom edge of your surface.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 making sure to align the pattern with each consecutive panel until the surface has been fully covered.

*Please note: each panel includes a 1/8” overlap for ease of application and to avoid splitting seams in environments that can be subject to temperature variances.

7. Trim where needed with a craft knife to complete your application.

Download the installation instructions.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see how beautiful your project turns out!