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Industrial Wallpaper Trends for the Minimalist Lifestyle

Time : 2023-07-26 Hits : 10

Converting industrial spaces into residential living is a popular trend in the world of home design. From warehouse style vibes that focus on structural beams, exposed ductwork and brick all the way to raw materials of iron fixtures or wood beams, have all become design elements commonly used in minimalist decor. Read on about how easy it is to achieve that “unfinished look” with these realistic industrial inspired wallpapers!

The minimalist design movement is here to stay taking home decor back to basics, all the way to the foundation of the home. Cool tones from materials like concrete can be expressed through wallpaper with the ability to add practicality and texture in a minimalist way. Celebrating the constructive elements and materials that form the foundation of a home has become a focal part of our everyday decor.