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How to Remove a Wallpaper Border with Heat

Time : 2022-12-14 Hits : 12

One of the easiest ways to remove wallpaper is by melting the adhesive with a hair dryer, then using your hands to peel the wallpaper border away from the wall. However, this method doesn’t work on all wallpaper adhesives, so you might need to try an alternate method if the wallpaper doesn't budge.

What You Need

· Drop cloth

· Step ladder

· Hair dryer

· Paint scraper or putty knife

· Scouring pad

Step 1: Prepare the Area

Move any furniture or objects away from the walls and put down drop cloths to catch any falling bits of wallpaper or adhesive. Make sure that you have enough space to be able to set up a step ladder along any of the wallpapered walls. Even if you are tall enough to reach up and grab the wallpaper border, your arms will quickly grow tired. Using a step ladder allows you to hold them in a more relaxed position as you work. 

Step 2: Apply Heat

Find the starting edge of the wallpaper border. Plug your hair dryer into a nearby outlet. Carefully climb up the step ladder with the hair dryer and begin to apply heat to the wallpaper border. As the heat gradually melts the adhesive, use your fingers to peel up the corner of the wallpaper border. You can also use a paint scraper or putty knife to slide under the edge of the border and peel up the wallpaper. 

Step 3: Peel Off Wallpaper

Once you have started to peel up the wallpaper border, move the hair dryer along to the sections of wallpaper that are still stuck to the wall. Use your fingers or a scraping tool to peel off the wallpaper, being careful not to rip or tear the material. It is more difficult to remove small, isolated pieces of wallpaper than it is to remove an entire strip. Continue heating and peeling along the entire length of the wallpaper until it has all been removed. 

Step 4: Clean Remaining Area

After removing the wallpaper border, there might still be some adhesive stuck to the wall. Use warm water and a scouring pad to scrub adhesive off the walls before allowing the walls to dry.