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How to clean Wallpaper?

Time : 2022-12-10 Hits : 18

Cleaning the Wallpaper from dirt, in fact, is a very simple thing, if you abide by several basic rules. We will try to help you with that in this article.

First, it is always necessary to dry clean your wallpaper, to collect the dust, that accumulates in the corners of the ceiling (this is done with the help of a broom or a cloth on a mop) and vacuuming the wallpaper itself. This operation must be done regularly, and also, without fail, before the wet cleaning of the wallpaper.

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For wet cleaning directions of your wallpaper, please, check your wallpaper type, as in this case it is very important! For example, if you have Paper, Duplex or Simplex wallpaper ( made of paper only ) you will only be able to wipe them carefully with soft, moist rug. You cannot really "wet" them too much, as then you will damage your wallcoverings.

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In the case of light dirt, washing the wallpaper does not represent such great difficulty, then how to be in case of deep contamination? What if your wallpaper was stained with a marker, juice, coffee or a felt-tip pen? If you have a washable wallpaper, then it's not so difficult. But if not? Here are some tips on what to do in such cases:

· Use special detergents. In addition, that you can wash the wallpaper, you will also be able to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places.

· In addition, there are some "folk remedies", among which you can list such as household vinegar, alcohol or solvents.

· An effective solution is the use of oxygen powders. It is also possible to use bleaching agents.


By the way, how to remove plasticine from wallpaper? This is not so easy. However, it is quite possible, if you will correctly implement all the recommendations. For this, first of all, you will need to cover the place of contamination with an ordinary paper napkin, while heating the problem place with the genome ( put it on a medium-temperature regime). In this case, the plasticine should stick to the surface of the paper napkin. As for the remains of the oily stain, which remains of plasticine, it can be eliminated with the help of such a widespread agent as white spirit. This should help.