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Home decor wallpaper which is good to buy wallpaper what to pay attention to

Time : 2022-12-19 Hits : 16

Home Decor Wallpaper which is good

1, plain paper wallpaper

As its name suggests, it is made from a mixture of grass, bark, and natural wood pulp. The biggest feature is environmental protection. No odor is produced after laying. Because of the good air permeability of the material, the wallpaper is not used for a long time and it is not prone to appear curled, moldy, or bubbled. In addition, its pattern is mostly made by the printing process, so the effect is more realistic and clear.

2, paper-based plastic surface wallpaper

This kind of material is made of PVC surface and backing paper plus glue. It is characterized by its vivid pattern, strong three-dimensional effect, and good decorative effect. It is suitable for interior wall skirts, living rooms and corridors. Because its surface is coated with a layer of inorganic material, it has excellent fire performance, cleaning and handling is very simple, just gently wipe with a damp cloth.

3, Non-Woven Wallpaper

This type of material is one of the most frequently used ones in various fields today. It is made of plants, polyester, acrylic fiber, etc. It does not contain any polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and chlorine elements. It is an environmentally friendly wallpaper. In addition, Non-woven Wallpaper is flexible, and is not easy to aging and breaking, with excellent breathability and moisture resistance, so it will not fade after scrubbing, color and pattern are still bright and bright.


Wallpaper purchase points

1, packaging

If you want to purchase high-quality materials, then every detail must not be missed, such as packaging, usually large manufacturers of products in the packaging, marking more detailed, simple but without losing the atmosphere.

2, pattern

The choice of pattern is critical, determines the style of the entire room, but also have to look at their own preferences, in general, the higher the clarity of the pattern, the better the quality of the wallpaper, that is to say the color is uniform, no color pattern belongs to the top grade; If there is a leak, the color is not uniform, blurred wallpaper pattern is defective.

3, color fastness

Next look at the persistence of color, can be a simple test, such as scrubbing with a damp cloth, to see if it will decolorize, if there is no fade that the wallpaper is a top grade, especially in the choice of a three-dimensional texture and light wallpaper. Because the wallpaper with high color fastness has good cleaning characteristics, and it can maintain its own color in long-term use, it is not easy to yellow.

4, waterproof

There are always a few days of weather moisture in the year. If the water resistance of the wallpaper is not good, not only it will affect itself, but also it will make the wall moldy, so everyone can drop a drop of water on the wallpaper when purchasing. , wait for 2 to 3 minutes after the observation of whether there is penetration, if not, then this section of the wallpaper waterproof performance is good, and vice versa is defective.

5, environmental protection index

With the improvement of modern living standards, everyone has begun to pay attention to physical health, so the environmental protection of any material is of utmost importance. When purchasing wallpapers, one can smell smells, it is best to burn a small sample, and the environmental index is high. The wallpaper burns full and has a pungent smell and smoke.