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16 Wallpaper Projects To Try In Your Home

Time : 2023-08-02 Hits : 3

Wallpapercan be used in many ways, in various areas of your home and it is certainly not restricted to the walls. Find out how to use wallpaper and go above and beyond with these 16 creative and fun wallpaper projects around your home!

· Your door – If you’re a bit hesitant and haven’t used wallpaper before, try wallpapering your door (front and/or back). With many creative designs, decorating a small section or the whole surface area will provide a nice touch and make your door look much more interesting!

· Along a single wall and extending to the floor – This method is a definite must if you are an adventurous wallpaper lover. Using wallpaper on a single wall and extending it across the floor is a great opportunity to create depth of field and elongate a room (especially if you use stripes!)

· On the ceiling – It’s may seem like a strange place to put wallpaper….but why not?! If you’re not confident in doing it yourself, definitely hire a professional as it can be difficult to reach all the corners and gaps. Putting wallpaper on your ceiling is an appealing way to add style and texture. Also, depending on which design you go for, it can create a visual illusion and make the room to appear larger than it actually is.

· The back of book shelves and kitchen dressers – Using wallpaper to cover the back of your kitchen dresser will add that extra creative touch and pop of pattern that your kitchen needs. Enhancing a simple pattern for the back your bookshelves will fill the open space and it will create a gorgeous feature in the room that is practical and stylish.

· Staircase Risers – When it comes to wallpapering your home, staircases are usually overlooked and left bare. Who would’ve thought decorating your staircase risers can create a bold centrepiece! Using this technique with a stunning wallpaper designs is a fantastic concept to enrich your home interior. Also, try wallpapering underneath a staircase!

· Decorating filing cabinets – Filing cabinets always seem to look dull and boring. Covering them up with a funky wallpaper is a great way to make your admin duties fun with a splash of colour in your work space or home office.

· A Canvas / Frame – Simple yet effective, wallpapering a canvas is a fantastic way to add some interior decor to your home. A terrific approach is to mix different wallpapers together, to change the style of a room and to add detail to an otherwise blank space.

· Clipboards – Want a quick and simple DIY project to make the most of your wallpaper cut offs? Why not wallpaper some wooden clipboards! A funky tactic to experiment with if you’ve got a couple of different patterns and colours is to coordinate your clipboards with certain tasks or people.

· Drawers – You can use wallpaper to remodel the complete front of the drawers or for a more refined look, wallpaper the insides so it’s only visible once the drawers are pulled out.

· Lamp Shades or Ceiling Fixtures – Wallpapering a lamp shade or a ceiling fixture is an exciting DIY project to commence around your home! A benefit is that with certain designs a soft glow can be emitted once the lamp is turned on or display certain patterns, creating lovely outlines on the walls.

· Light Switch Plates – Add a splash of colour and personality to your light switches by using detailed wallpaper! Be warned though, this project can be quite a fiddly way to use wallpaper in your home.

· Closets – No matter how big or small, use wallpaper to line the inside of your closet space to add a decorative touch. A beautiful view as you approach and open your closet (and a good reason to keep it clean and tidy too!).

· Table Topper – This technique is so simple and easy! Just pick any wallpaper, cut it to size and place on the table and keep in place with a layer of glass. You can always change the design of the paper, refreshing and redesigning the living space whenever you feel a change of pace is required.

· Storage Boxes – Storage boxes don’t have to be ugly and brown cardboard boxes! Use wallpaper to cover your storage boxes so you can place them anywhere around your home. You can coordinate patterns/colours according to the style within each room. Once they’re covered in vivid, unique designs, you wouldn’t want to store them away!

· Serving Tray – Another way to add detail to your kitchen is to wallpaper the bottom of your serving tray. Bring out drinks and nibbles to your friends and guests in style with a wooden serving tray covered in a gorgeous marble design.

· Headboard – Wallpapering a headboard is just like a normal wooden board, however it makes a much greater statement in your master bedroom! A wallpapered headboard creates a subtle and gorgeous effect to a bedroom.

Have you tried one of these wallpaper projects in your home?