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Decorative Window Film

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Strip Window Film

● Type:Glass Films

● Material:‎Vinyl

● Color:Can be Customsized

● Dimensions :Can be customsized

● No adhesives/applies easily

● The visual effect of textured glass and stained glass


These thin, translucent films provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter the room. Artscape films are easily applied to any smooth glass surface.

 They do not use adhesives and are easily removed if needed. They can be trimmed or combined to fit any size window. The images have a repeating pattern left to right and top to bottom and can be used either vertically or horizontally.







‎ Multicolor


Hamyee Wallpaper




‎Custom Made Mural





Is Stain Resistant




Lead time

1:Goods in stock:can be shipped immediately.

2:Custom order depends on  order.

Consult the team for details

Installation Method

No adhesives/applies easily

Special Features

Premium textured product
Easy to apply
Film is non-adhesive

How to Apply

Clean your window with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, available pretty much everywhere and allow the window to dry.  Stay away from ammonia and other harsh chemicals since this will damage the window film.When installing on Plexiglass clean the glass well with denatured alcohol, not rubbing alcohol or soapy water and rinse.

Remove about 3″ to 12″ of backing paper by folding the liner down so it’s not in the way but still available to grab. You can also fully remove backing paper to install, whichever you feel more comfortable with.

Mist the clean window with water and also mist the adhesive back on the film as well.  This will allow for easy repositioning and help remove large air bubbles.For non-adhesive/static film just mist the window.

Position the film in window.Squeegee down the exposed edge of the film starting from the center and working towards the edges. Brush from the center outward using overlapping 45 degree angled strokes.Slowly remove the backing paper and squeegee the graphic into place using the same 45 degree angle technique as above applying to the window as you go.

Once film is installed squeegee the whole window and film again to remove as much of the water and air bubbles as possible, squeegee from the center out at a 45 degree angle. If you get an air bubble, you can either lift the decal enough to release the air, or if the bubbles are not too large, you can pop them with a pin and squeegee the bubble toward the pin hole to squeeze out the air.

Don’t worry if there are some small air bubbles when done, most times they are unnoticeable.


● 3D Pe Foam Self Adhesive Wall Tile not just simplifies interior remodeling but is a budget-friendly choice! Peel and stick tiles are at the bottom of the cost range for remodeling materials and save you a bulk of time.

● Excellent designs and European high-end machines.

We strongly believe in our all products and company are the trusted and great supporting behind your market back.

● Direct Manufacturer Pricing.

Hamyee as wallpaper manufacturer directly brings the best possible price to our customers. With no middle-man costs, this means we return most of the price benefit to the end-customer directly.


①Low MOQ
②Multiple choice, more than 3000 patterns for your choice
③OEM&ODM service, label/packing/heard-card/releasepaper etc
④Additional serivce, Catalogue Brochure/E-catalogue
⑤Creative design team, Updating exclusive, designs per month

Hunan Hamyee Home Decor Co., Ltd has an experienced team in designing, stock management, product sourcing and quality control. We are familiar with various standards and requirements; capable of coming out a right solution and finding suitable products for your projects in terms of specifications, quality, budget, lead time and global delivery.

Our mural designs are made to order and completely customisable, allowing you to customise mural to the specific dimensions of your business,  including specifications and sizes, and provide customers with personalized product testing, logistics services, etc.

Let us send you a quote upon request.


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