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Give your floors a face-lift, how to install Hamyeewallpaper Vinyl floor stickers

Time : 2023-04-10 Hits : 13

There are so many options out there to update your floors, today we'd like to share with you just how easy it is to cover your old floor with vinyl tile stickers.


Order some for your business here.

Diy kitchen floor makeover tutorial

If you're not ready to rip up your current flooring but you cannot bear to look at the state of it any longer we may have the solution for you.Hamyeewallpaper offers tile stickers & tile panels to cover smooth floors, such as vinyl laminate, linoleum, parquet or sealed concrete.

Although not a permanent solution, they can endure a few years with simple care.

DSC00161They're a breeze to install & if any areas get damaged you can easily peel them off and replace them with a new stickers. These are a renters dream com true because they don't damage the surface of the floor. You can peel them off without any gummy residue left behind. 





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