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Best WPC Wall Panel to Peru Client

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 Best WPC Wall Panel to Peru Client2

Sound Absorption

Common sound issues are caused mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls. The acoustical panel can absorb the noise in the room with its unique physical characteristics. Therefore, you don’t worry about the noise issue if you decorate your room with a composite wall panel with a sound absorption function.


High Strength

The WPC wall panel is made of a mixture of wood powder, recycled composite plastic, chemical additives, and calcium powder. Especially, the calcium powder can improve the strength of the wall panel. So the wall panel can be used on many occasions.


Water-proof & Moisture-proof

Composite wall panels are also the perfect solution to protect the wall away from moisture harm. Which is the ideal building material with moisture resistance. You need to protect your house not to becoming humid and moldy.



The composite wall panel is made of environmental raw material, so the house installed won’t have a chemical odor. You don’t need to paint the wall panel with oil to avoid pollution. So, you will save so much time without the painting process during the installation.


Easy installation

Composite wall panels can be installed quickly, without any complicated installation steps. You can do DIY while installing, the wall panel can be cut into the size you want to decorate the wall to be perfect. You don’t need to hire a labor-saving time and money at the same time.


Modern styles

Above all, the composite wall panel has various colors, shapes, and patterns, you can choose the style that matches your room. A well-designed wall panel can decorate your wall with high-valued aesthetics. You can assemble the wall panel following your ideas.

 Best WPC Wall Panel to Peru Client6

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