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Are wallpaper samples available free of cost?

Time : 2022-11-01 Hits : 27

We are frequently asked whether we provide free samples for the customers. As a result, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some more information regarding this topic.

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Our sample quotation is divided into two parts:


Free wallpaper samples

Transportation costs (depending on whether the customer chooses the standard or the courier and destination country).


Free samples service


Hamyeewallpaper offers a large range of exclusive, exceptional, unusual premium-quality wallpapers.


our wallpaper sample service makes our customers can experience our wallpapers with all their senses before buying them. Here is a short description of our free sample service:


Purchase of the latest wallpapers

Product Details

Easy-to-reach, itemised storage of samples based on an intelligent system leads to swift shipment

Collating pattern samples according to customers' orders



These process steps are taken on by our staff members (not machines) who are happy to combine beautiful wallpaper samples for our customers in order to enable them to make the right choices. Consequently, we only charge appropriate "shipping costs" based on the price of the relevant wallpaper roll, running meter, or sheet.


We can provide pattern samples of all our models.


Prices of shipping charges


We'll match different packing methods according to the sample order.


Freight price depends on the shipping company's quotation, if the customer has their own cooperation transportation company is also very good!


If sample patterns are ordered along with wallpaper, the samples are added to the package in a separate envelope.